Carlos Arglebe

Head of Cybersecurity, Siemens Healthineers

Carlos Arglebe is the Corporate Cybersecurity Officer of Siemens Healthineers with over twenty years of experience in the areas of Quality Management, Regulatory Affairs, Data Privacy and Security in the healthcare industry in the roles of VP for Quality, CISO and SVP for Cybersecurity. Taking the approach of integrating business and compliance relevant risk areas to support the operations throughout the digital transformation that enables users is one foundational approach for Cybersecurity. And above all he is a passionate advocate that supports the cultural change across the organization. He drives security as a market and quality requirement that needs the engagement of the whole organization as Cybersecurity is a joint responsibility. The growth of trust in the market, amongst companies, customers and partners is the key indicator for our Cybersecurity to which we all contribute.

12:15 Uhr

09.10.2023 Security Summit 2023

(R)Evolution der Cybersicherheit - die neue Rolle des CISOs

  • Der CISO im Spannungsfeld von Technik, Organisation, Kommunikation und Unternehmenskultur
  • Der CISO im Spannungsfeld von KI-Anwendungen, digitalen Lieferketten, Multicloud, Governance
  • der CISO als Techniker, Jurist, Therapeut, Moderator - ein neues Rollenverständnis
Head of Cybersecurity, Siemens Healthineers